In addition to our usual sessions where you are present throughout the process, we also offer 'unattended' mixing sessions. This means you send us your stems, we complete your mix in studio downtime (which is why we can offer a better rate) and return your mix within three days. It's perfect if you're on a budget or due to other commitments find taking time out to attend a session difficult.

Don't panic, though - you'll definitely be with us in spirit. We'll thoroughly discuss the sound you're after beforehand and once we're done we'll send you a preview. If it's not what you were after, we'll gladly adjust the mix for you. We'll then send you your mix!

Are you mix-ready?

Mixing is the stage at which the various elements of the music are blended to create a satisfying whole. If there are tweaks such as timing, tuning, fades or structuring required, this is editing. Editing costs £7.50 per track. We won't do any of this without calling you first and so we'll let you know exactly how much we have to do.

The small print

Online (unattended) mixing costs £160. Before we begin, we will require a £20 deposit. For this we will need to open your project and take a look to see if there's anything we need to discuss such as editing or a track count that's verging on the ridiculous. If after our chat you decide to proceed, cool. We'll require the balance of £140 before we send you your finished mix. If for whatever reason you don't want to go ahead, we'll return your £20 and we'll never speak about it agan. You've nothing to lose.

How to upload

We like to use wetransfer to send files. Just zip up your tracks and upload them using the button on the right (max 2GB per upload).

Upload your files

Need to add something to the mix?


Maybe you need a real piano. Or some kicking drums. Or live bagpipes. Whatever it is, we can record it here and add it to your mix!

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