Qinglong (BlueGreen Dragon) Taiji & Qi Gong

Peter Salt-Berrymen runs a weekly drop-in Taiji (aka Tai Chi) class.

Taiji 37 is a short, continuous form. Experience shows that it can take about a year of weekly training to learn the 8 minute form fluently, without prompting.

Short sequences are learnt at a time. It has been said that the first 10,000 repetitions are the hardest! It has also been said "No pain, no gain" ! However that is not our style. We work at the speed of each individual. The more you practice the quicker you can progress. The choice is yours.

There is no uniform; wear something comfortable. There are no exams; you are your own judge of progress. Satisfy your own timetable and in learning a new, slower way of life unlearn bad habits!

Once you are confident to demonstrate the form as a solo it will be time to go back to the beginning to explore and learn more details. Like dancing it's not really possible to say "Done that!" because there's always more to discover. But many people learn a taiji form as part of their exploration of several martial activities.

The form can be performed slowly or quickly for different benefits. The standard time is about 8 minutes. In class we have ranged from 4 to 20 minutes! It's a mind thing! Less, can be more! There's great satisfaction in both.