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Antenna Studios, established in 2002, is now securely woven into the fabric of Crystal Palace. First and foremost a music studio we also offer studios for photography, video, dance and fitness. You can book as little as an hour or rent a studio by the month.

Check out our handy printer-friendly classes timetable!  Or see more details on our classes page! 

We're very pleased to guarantee that all your heat/ light/ noise during your stay here is powered by 100% renewable energy too!

To arrange a visit, just call us on 020 8653 5200 Monday-Sunday 10am - 7pm.

Within the Studio Complex:

Here's some nice stuff that's been made at Antenna Studios recently: 

What people have said about us...

"Good rates, great staff, great experience... whole album recorded in there, wouldn't have it any other way!"

The Peryls ~

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